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MAST Travel Advisors have access to the myriad of airfares, hotel rates, package tours, and cruise vacations worldwide and are Internet savvy. Accompanied by strong working relationships with travel suppliers, often the best deal lies with the people who know where to look.

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Advisors know how to interact with suppliers and have the proper contacts to get things done. Advisors have more buying power. Advisors offer value and amenities by providing inclusions or extras at no cost.

Experience and

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Travel advisors become travel experts through their first-hand knowledge of a destination, continuing education, and customer feedback.

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MAST Preferred Suppliers

MAST Travel has relationships with select travel suppliers. These suppliers work with us and our member agencies to provide quality service, education, discounts, and commissions to our members. We have travel suppliers in categories that include:

  • Cruise Lines
  • Land, Tours, and Vacation Packages
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Car Rental
  • Air Suppliers
  • Other Suppliers
  • Insurance
  • Tourist Board Partners
  • Specialty Suppliers
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MAST works for you! We focus on your needs, your branding, your growth. We supply the tools to fulfill your marketing, networking, and training needs. Our emphasis is on growing your business and increasing your sales. As a MAST member agency, you share in our resources, our growth, and our supplier overrides go back to you!


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Exceptional customer service requires skilled professionals. MAST offers a multi-faceted educational program from webinars to regional training to networking events. MAST makes it easy to stay informed and knowledgeable through the endless educational opportunities we offer our members.

Member Owned

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MAST Travel Network is a member-owned and member-driven consortium composed of more than 200 travel agencies across the United States & Canada. Through exclusive agreements, partnerships, training, and support, MAST agencies have the tools to deliver an outstanding customer service experience every time.